A little pit bike maintenance goes a long way

Regular maintenance is one of the most important parts of owning any motorcycle and it’s no different on pit bikes. Just because pit bikes are small and inexpensive doesn’t mean they don’t deserve the same attention as your big bike. Below we will cover some general maintenance tips for your pit bike.

1.) Change your oil.
Regular oil changes are probly the single best thing you can do for your pit bike. While we recommend changing the oil at least every 20 hours; oil is relatively cheap and can be your best insurance policy. If possible try and change your oil every 5-10 hours to help extend your engine life. Most of our pit bikes have internal oil filters and if you change your oil more regular, you will always have a clean oil filter.

2.)Clean your air filter
Your air filter is your first and really only defense against keeping a clean fuel system and engine. Just because you can’t see dirt on your filter doesn’t mean it’s not there. Clean your filter after every ride to make sure your not getting any extra dust, dirt or debris in your pit bike fuel system. We recommend using a professional cleaning kit like UNI or K&N but if those are not available general purpose dish washing soap works great too and is less expensive.

3.)Change your spark plug
Your spark plug is where most of the action is when it comes to your electrical system on your pit bike. Because one end of your plug is screwed into the engine head (lots of heat) and creates the high voltage spark, motorcycle plugs are put under extreme pressure. Plugs usually cost less than $3 which makes it an easy item to maintain.

4.)Tighten your spokes
We recommend doing a “once over” on your pit bike bolts and screws every time you ride and your spokes are no different. They are the connection most likely looked over but can cause serious problems if ignored. We recommend getting a nice spoke wrench (less than $10) and check your spokes regularly. Go thru your spokes, every third one, and simply make two rotations on it until you complete the entire wheel and all spokes are good and snug.

5.)Tires & Brakes
A flat tire can end a fun day of riding instantly. We recommend always checking the pressure in your tires and keeping the proper pressure for your riding conditions. Tubes are cheap (less than $10) so keep a few on hand for backup.
Brakes are the single most important item on your bike. If you can’t stop, you can’t ride. Keeping your pit bike brakes and brake shoes clean (with contact or brake cleaner) will help extend the life of your shoes and help them wear evenly. Replace your shoes regularly especially if you notice you have to pull your brakes harder to get them to stop.

6.)Clean your machine
That’s right, keeping your bike clean is as important as anything else we have mentioned. Properly washing your bike is crucial to removing dirt, oil and debris that can stop items on your bike from working properly. Just as important as washing your bike is drying and re-lubricating it. Leaving it wet can promote rust and deteriorate nuts, bolts, bearings and really anything metal. The best tool we have found to dry is your general leaf blower. Remember after you wash and dry its time to re-lube those cables, bearings, etc. especially if you use a power washer.

We hope this helps you maintain your pit bike. Following these steps can extend the life of your pit bike and make it as safe as possible to operate.

Our new products – Brand X

If you haven’t noticed Orion Pit Bike Sales is spreading its wings a bit. We have introduced a few new products over the past several weeks and they aren’t exactly your traditional pit bikes. With our time in this industry we have been exposed to a few ideas and manufacturers that are worthy of our customers. We call these products “Brand X”. We hand pick these products because we believe they offer quality fun at affordable prices and fits the Orion culture. These products include our new 150cc mini UTV and the 125cc XK go kart. We have been dedicated to pit bikes and the pit bike industry for 6 years and will remain committed. Our goal with branching out is to offer the same great products, warranties, customer service and tech support that we have offered for years on our traditional pit bikes. We hope you like our new products and enjoy them as much as we have. Stay tuned because you neved know what we will come up with next.

Free giveaways

Did someone say “free”? Usually when you see the word “free” it means you’re about to get something that’s probly not worth anything. And you are right most of the time. The latest one we have seen is a online company offering a free set of no name riding gloves. These are the same gloves we can buy overseas for $1.50 and they say they are worth $29. Its no wonder anybody trust’s when they hear the word “free”. This is one of many offers you will see that are designed to take the focus off the product, the warranty and the customer support or lack thereof.

At Orion Pit Bike Sales we actually give you something you can use when you purchase a pitbike from us. With any pit bike purchase you receive two quarts of real Maxima oil (this is so you can do your initial break in), Thread lock, extra NGK spark plug and a free starter tool kit. And with a few of our models we are even giving away a free pit bike performance pipe. At Orion Pit Bike Sales we believe in providing value not gimicks.

Online scam alert

We wanted to make the general public aware that we have found a lot of online sellers using our name illegally to market other pit bikes and dirt bikes.

The latest is a company called Sunny Sports. This company also sells under the website scooterdepot.us and buyscooter.com . We have found that if you do a search with terms like “orion pit bike sales” or “orion pit bikes Texas” this company is doing some targeting to try and lure unsuspecting customers in with our name. This company clearly doesn’t offer our product but in their advertising they use our name.
Let us be very clear…..we do not dealer sell our products to any online sellers. The only place to buy guinuine Orion Pit Bike Sales products is directly from us. We don’t want our product pushed thru these mega dealers that sell anything with wheels. Most of these online sites that are like this would never be able to provide the specialty support necessary. Plus they are only interested in quantity not quality.

Our new Mini/Kids 150cc UTV

“So what’s the deal with this new Mini/Kids 150cc UTV?” you ask. Well it’s simple, this was such a fun product we just couldn’t resist.
We did our research and found a lot companies selling a 150cc mini UTV but there was really only one manufacturer in China that we trusted to build a reliable machine and back up production with parts supply. We really like the idea of this machine and hope to grow this segment of the industry more. Who’s to say what the future will hold but we expect big things. With the GY6 engine there are plenty of upgrades available. We will also be working on non-engine upgrades in the future as well.
We were surprised at how it performed with an adult on board. It was surprisingly quick and agile. Safety was another big issue to us and the 150cc mini/kids UTV has really addressed the safety concerns we have always had when buying a Motorsport product like this. The full roll cage, safety belts, safety nets and throttle control makes this a better choice over an ATV for some kids. With proper riding gear ( helmet, boots, etc) you should be fairly safe…..unless you do something stupid in it of course; which we have been known to do.
We hope you enjoy the Mini UTV as much as we have and will be updating our blog with more post on it in the future.

Is it a real Orion Pit Bike?

We get a lot of calls with people needing parts for their “Orion” pit bike. The first question we ask is what model. The typical answer we get is, not sure it just says Orion on it.
We would like to make this a public service announcement and let everybody know that just because it says Orion on it, doesn’t mean it is our pit bike. We have found at least 10 different factories in China that have built pit bikes and put “Orion” stickers on them in the last 5 years. This doesn’t mean that our parts won’t fit though. Luckily the factories have done a good job at standardizing the parts they use so it gives the customer a better chance of a parts match. The problem is when there is the customer who buys the imposter bike and has lots of problems with it because the manufacturer used an inferior motor or other parts. This has given our company a bad rap in the past because they actually think they have our pit bike. Unless you bought it directly from us, it would be safe to say you probly don’t have one of our bikes.
So if you are not sure what bike you have, just email us and we can help you identify it. While we can not guarantee a 100% match on parts on a bike we didn’t make, we can possibly come close enough to help you get your pit bike up and running.

Gas filters on your pit bike

To follow up on our fuel requirements topic, let’s discuss the fuel filter. All of our bikes are equipped from the factory with a fuel filter. Sometimes these are necessary and sometimes they are not. Gas filters are designed to be the first step in defending your carburetor from getting dirty. While they don’t stop fine dirt particles, gas filters can stop bigger items. We recommend fuel filters in situations where there is no jumping or aggressive riding. The reason is if something gets clogged in your fuel filter this can cause the pit bike to stop abruptly. If you are jumping or climbing a hill, this is the last thing you would want. So in situations that are requiring more aggressive riding we recommend no fuel filter or a performance fuel filter that is designed keep fuel flow at a maximum. While you take the risk of getting your carb dirty and decreasing performance; we would rather have that risk instead of your pit bike stopping abruptly. We had had very good luck with our K & N style fuel filter. Easy to install and very affordable it seems to be a good mix of fuel flow and non clogging. You can see it here: fuel filter

Proper fuel for your pit bike

We get calls all the time asking us about fuel requirements. The general question is, “What octane fuel should I use in my pit bike?”
The answer to that can be clear but also confusing. We recommend running at least 91 octane but there are limitations to how high you should go on the octane rating. Most premium unleaded gas is around 91-93 octane. This is the best gas to run in your pit bike. Any lower and you can get serious carbon buildup on the valves and spark plug. This can lead to poor performance and even non starting pit bikes. Any higher octane and you run the risk of over heating and doing irreversible damage to your cylinder, pistons and valve train.
If you have been around motocross or racing all together you are probably familiar with race gas. Sometimes known as VP race gas. Though it is tempting because of the increased horsepower, we do not recommend putting this in your pit bike. Because the octane is usually around 105 – 110 this can damage your 4 stroke pit bike motor. This also goes for any fuel additives that increase the gas octane. Straight premium pump gas will make your pit bike run strong, clean and stay within the limitations of the motor.

Is the proper break in of your pit bike important?

Proper break in of your pit bike is crucial. We have heard a million different ways to break in your new pit bike and our method comes from years of trial and error. We won’t go into our entire method here but you can refer to our tech support section of our website for details on the actual process: http://www.orionpitbikesales.com/garage.htm

From our experience the slower the better seems to be the best policy. We usually recommend the heat cycle portion 3-5 times minimum and then take it easy for the first tank of gas. We have noticed on the bigger bore pit bike motors, like the 140cc and the YX150cc, even 5-7 cycles and only 1/4 throttle for the first tank actually makes for a more powerful and snappier motor. Another side effect of a longer break in period that we have noticed is less valve adjustment. Traditionally a valve check & possible adjustment is needed every 10-20 hours. We have had some pit bikes that have had the longer break in period never need adjusting.
So the break in of your pit bike is not the most fun process and takes time but from our experience it could be well worth it.

Upgrade your electronics

If you are looking for a quick and cheap performance upgrade for your pit bike, we recommend the OPBS high performance stator and CDI kit. This kit replaces your pit bikes’ stock stator and CDI. Because of the lightened flywheel and the higher rev limit CDI, we have seen the kit add very noticeable performance to your pit bike. The theory is that your motor does not waste horsepower spinning the stock heavy flywheel. There is about a 2-1/2 lb. difference between the two flywheels. The other factor is the high rev CDI box. This CDI box eliminates the stock rev limit at approx 7000 RPM and increases it to around 13000 RPM. This allows your motor to reach it’s maximum potential. However, with increased RPM’s comes an increase in friction and heat so we recommend using a top quality motor oil if you install the kit on your pit bike.

The kit is fairly inexpensive and easy to install if you have the right tools. We recommend an impact driver, a flywheel removal tool (which we sell with the kit) to install the hardware and a good set of wire crimpers for the wiring. There are 5 wires to install and you will eliminate your stock wiring harness. The upgraded stator and CDI kit we offer will fit most 70cc to 150cc horizontal pit bike motors. So wether you have an Orion pit bike, an SSR pit bike, a Pitster Pro or Piranha pit bike our kit should work on it. Here is a link to our kit: http://orionpitbikesales.com/electronics.htm