Upgrade your electronics

If you are looking for a quick and cheap performance upgrade for your pit bike, we recommend the OPBS high performance stator and CDI kit. This kit replaces your pit bikes’ stock stator and CDI. Because of the lightened flywheel and the higher rev limit CDI, we have seen the kit add very noticeable performance to your pit bike. The theory is that your motor does not waste horsepower spinning the stock heavy flywheel. There is about a 2-1/2 lb. difference between the two flywheels. The other factor is the high rev CDI box. This CDI box eliminates the stock rev limit at approx 7000 RPM and increases it to around 13000 RPM. This allows your motor to reach it’s maximum potential. However, with increased RPM’s comes an increase in friction and heat so we recommend using a top quality motor oil if you install the kit on your pit bike.

The kit is fairly inexpensive and easy to install if you have the right tools. We recommend an impact driver, a flywheel removal tool (which we sell with the kit) to install the hardware and a good set of wire crimpers for the wiring. There are 5 wires to install and you will eliminate your stock wiring harness. The upgraded stator and CDI kit we offer will fit most 70cc to 150cc horizontal pit bike motors. So wether you have an Orion pit bike, an SSR pit bike, a Pitster Pro or Piranha pit bike our kit should work on it. Here is a link to our kit: http://orionpitbikesales.com/electronics.htm