Gas filters on your pit bike

To follow up on our fuel requirements topic, let’s discuss the fuel filter. All of our bikes are equipped from the factory with a fuel filter. Sometimes these are necessary and sometimes they are not. Gas filters are designed to be the first step in defending your carburetor from getting dirty. While they don’t stop fine dirt particles, gas filters can stop bigger items. We recommend fuel filters in situations where there is no jumping or aggressive riding. The reason is if something gets clogged in your fuel filter this can cause the pit bike to stop abruptly. If you are jumping or climbing a hill, this is the last thing you would want. So in situations that are requiring more aggressive riding we recommend no fuel filter or a performance fuel filter that is designed keep fuel flow at a maximum. While you take the risk of getting your carb dirty and decreasing performance; we would rather have that risk instead of your pit bike stopping abruptly. We had had very good luck with our K & N style fuel filter. Easy to install and very affordable it seems to be a good mix of fuel flow and non clogging. You can see it here: fuel filter

Proper fuel for your pit bike

We get calls all the time asking us about fuel requirements. The general question is, “What octane fuel should I use in my pit bike?”
The answer to that can be clear but also confusing. We recommend running at least 91 octane but there are limitations to how high you should go on the octane rating. Most premium unleaded gas is around 91-93 octane. This is the best gas to run in your pit bike. Any lower and you can get serious carbon buildup on the valves and spark plug. This can lead to poor performance and even non starting pit bikes. Any higher octane and you run the risk of over heating and doing irreversible damage to your cylinder, pistons and valve train.
If you have been around motocross or racing all together you are probably familiar with race gas. Sometimes known as VP race gas. Though it is tempting because of the increased horsepower, we do not recommend putting this in your pit bike. Because the octane is usually around 105 – 110 this can damage your 4 stroke pit bike motor. This also goes for any fuel additives that increase the gas octane. Straight premium pump gas will make your pit bike run strong, clean and stay within the limitations of the motor.