Red Dirt Music

Because we are from Texas we have been lucky enough to be exposed to some of the greatest music ever made and we want to share that with people who would not ordinarily get to hear it or see it live. As a supporter of local music we are proud to bring you music from some of The Red Dirt music scenes’ finest.
So what is Red Dirt Music you ask? Red dirt music is a genre of music all it’s own. It was mainly formed from local Texas & Oklahoma country artist that were tired of the same old Nashville music scene. Guys like Walt Wilkins, Radney Foster, Mike Mclure, Tommy Alverson, Robert Earl Keen and Cody Canada just to name a few. Red Dirt music is about attitude as much as it is about musical freedom. The freedom to make your own music and not something pressed out by sound engineers and executives in Nashville. You might hear influences from Rock, Jazz, Traditional Country, Swing and so on but one thing you will hear is it is authentic music just how the artist wanted it.

We will be exposing you to some of our favorite artist and bands and we hope you enjoy……so stay tuned!!